How can a site sign up for CHANGE AFib and how does contracting work?

Sites will complete a Unified Participation Agreement (UPA), the official contract between the American Heart Association and the Participating Site, that allows the site to enroll and have access to AHA’s Get With The Guidelines on the registry platform. Sites already participating in GWTG-AFib with a UPA in place do not need to sign the UPA. Sites enrolled in a GWTG module other than AFib will sign an amendment to their existing UPA.

All sites will need to also sign the individual Participating Site Agreement which complements the UPA and outlines what the Participating Site is responsible for during the CHANGE AFib trial. The Site Agreement details what the CHANGE AFib trial will cover and formally outlines each parties understanding and responsibilities for conducting the trial. A Participating Site is required to sign both the UPA and the Site Agreement in order to participate in the CHANGE AFib trial.